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Timekeeping FAQ

Time Frequently Asked Questions by category below:
  • Nonexempt 
  • Checking In & Out
  • Tracking Time & Submitting Timesheets
  • Students & Temps
  • Overtime & Comp Time
  • Shift Differential
  • Workday Work Schedule
  • Can't Enter Time

Absence FAQ

Absence Frequently Asked Questions by category below:
  • Time Off Requests
  • Holidays
  • Accruals
  • FMLA

Workday Knowledge Base Articles

Entering Time

Manager & Timekeeper Resources

Timekeeping Pay Period Checklist

- Checklist to provide guidance in preparation for each pay date.



Time Off and Leaves of Absence

*NEW* - View Time Off Accruals by Period
- Best way to view your accruals and time off balances.


Timekeeping Guidance

The following is a list of resources to support employees, managers, and timekeepers in their responsibilities for tracking time. 

Timekeeping Responsibilities, Rules & Regulations

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) - The "Why" Behind Timekeeping
    • Consequences of Non-Compliance
  • FLSA Exemption from Overtime
  • The Workweek and Overtime
  • Overtime and Compensatory Time (Comp Time) Guidance, Calculation, and Usage
  • Managing Overtime and Comp Time
  • Timekeeping Standards
  • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Employee - Manager - Timekeeper
  • Checking In & Out - Workday
    • For Supervisors
    • For Employees
  • Compensable Time - The What, Why, How, and When Time is Paid
    • Covers: Hours Worked & Leave - University Holidays - Meals & Rest Periods - Call Back Time - On-Call Time - Wash Up Time - Shift Differential - Lectures, Meetings, and Training Programs - Remote Access - Travel Time - Volunteer Time - University Service - Lactation Breaks
  • Merit Employees - 2017 Changes

Absence & Leave Guidance 

The following is a list of resources regarding leave policies and guidance. 

Family Medical Leave (FMLA)


Donated Leave for Catastrophic Illness/Injury

Other Leave Policies & Guidance

Time Training (available via Learn@ISU)

  • Wage and Hour Training for Managers Online Course
  • Time Entry for Nonexempt Employees (hourly eligible for overtime)
  • Introduction to Workday for Managers
  • Time Processes, Work Schedules, and Reporting for Managers
  • Time Processes, Work Schedules, and Reporting for Timekeepers

Absence Training (available via Learn@ISU)

  • Absence Management for Employees
  • Absence Management for Managers and Absence Coordinators
  • Understanding FMLA

Payroll Resources

Questions regarding your paycheck should be directed to Payroll Office, which has additional resources. 

Payroll Contact Info: 

Email: payroll@iastate.edu

Phone: 515-294-6556



Time and Absence Contact:


Please note that some resources listed on this webpage may not be applicable to employees part of the Public Safety collective bargaining agreement.  Please refer to the Public Safety Collective Bargaining Agreement and/or reach out to timeandabsence@iastate.edu with any questions you may have.