Temp Agency for Temporary Hourly Workers Frequently Asked Questions

Iowa State University employing units have the option to hire temporary workers from the temporary agency, Advance Services, Inc. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Please Note:

  • Workers may be either hired through Iowa State University or through Advance Services. They may not work for both at the same time.
  • The following groups are excluded from utilizing the temporary agency: Clerical Helpers, Helpers, Seasonal, Student workers, Supervisory and Confidential Merit.
  • Workers provided by Advance Services cannot be P-Card or T&H cardholders.  Since they are not ISU employees, they are not able to purchase on behalf of the University.

1. Can I still obtain temporary non-student hourly workers through ISU University Human Resources (UHR)? Do I have to use the Temporary Agency?

Yes, you may still submit a posting to hire a selected individual or you may recruit via the Iowa State Jobsite. For these positions, you follow the current process and route a Posting for the position you wish to hire. 

You may also choose to request a Temporary position be filled through Advance Services, Inc.

2. How do I request a temporary position through the temporary agency?

Complete the Request Form for Advance Services Inc., and send the form by email to kim.warnick@asinc.net.

Advance Services, Inc. will respond by phone or email to confirm receipt and/or to gather more information.  It is recommended that departments make the request as soon as they are aware of the need or at a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the start of the temporary need.

3. How long will the vendor take to fill my request?

In general, the vendor will supply a worker within 48 business hours of receiving the request. The department has the option to review resumes before a temporary worker of the agency is placed.  Should the department choose to review resumes or run a background check, there may be a delay in the placement of the worker. 

4. Do I need to notify anyone in my department, College/Unit/Division, or UHR of needing to employ a temporary worker?

You should visit with your HR Coordinator to determine if your area has any procedures prior to requesting a temporary worker from the agency.  It is not required to notify UHR.

5. Will the total hours of work be limited as they are if I hire a temporary worker through ISU?

The temporary agency employees will be limited to 1,000 hours per fiscal year.  Advance Services, Inc. will be responsible for notifying UHR and the unit when a temporary worker is nearing the limit.  There will be communication with the department contact listed on the request to determine if the need for work continues. Temporaries hired through ISU remain limited to the 780 hours per fiscal year.

6. Will the costs be the same as when I hired a temporary worker through ISU?

The billable rate with Advance Services will be more than the total payroll costs for ISU.  For additional billing information for temp workers, please refer to Pricing for Advance Services Inc.

7. How will I be billed?

Departments will be required to submit worktag information when ordering services.  All invoices from Advance Services, Inc. will be sent weekly to ISU Accounts Payable.  

Accounts Payable will scan the invoice and create a supplier invoice in Workday that will be routed to the department for approval with a copy of the invoice.  

8. I need the temporary agency worker to have access to ISU computer systems and buildings.  How do I obtain these? What about parking?

The request for keys and system access will be done through the temporary agency.  The department will be responsible for making the request of the temporary agency, via the request form, and the agency will then work with the person who requested access and/or the JM Support person to facilitate accesses.  Periodically, ISU and the temporary agency will run checks to determine if access is still needed. 

Advance Services, Inc. employees who need to park on campus can work with the parking division, and can pay for their parking passes monthly. 


9. Can an employee of the temporary agency drive a university vehicle?

Yes, however, the temporary employee may have additional paperwork or training that may be required.

10. What about University training, safety courses, or working with children?

The department is required to provide any necessary training to the temporary agency workers.  If this person needs special background checks because they will be working with children, please contact Risk Management at 515-294-7711.

11. The temporary agency employee was injured while performing work for ISU.  Should I process a First Report of Injury (FROI) through the ISU Incident Portal?

Yes, for OSHA reporting requirements ISU needs to have a First Report of Injury on file. However, the temporary worker is covered by Advance Services, Inc. for Workers’ Compensation. The worker should contact Advance Services, Inc. immediately to report the injury.

12. Will the person assigned to my area by Advance Services, Inc. be an ISU employee?

No, the individual assigned will be an employee of Advance Services, Inc.  His or her paycheck will be from Advance Services, Inc.  Employees of Advance Services, Inc. receive weekly paychecks.

13. Who is responsible for supervising the temporary agency employee?

The functional supervision will be performed by an ISU employee that is overseeing the work tasks of the temporary agency employee.  The temporary agency will request feedback from the ISU functional supervisor to determine how the temporary employee is performing the work. 

14. Why is ISU UHR monitoring the usage of temporary employees through the temporary agency?

It is important that the work being performed through the temporary agency is truly temporary in nature.  An ongoing need may need to result in the posting of permanent positions. 


15. How do I hire an ISU Student?

Using the Hire Student Job Aid located on the Workcyte Website.


16. Who can I contact if I have questions about the new temporary request process?

University Human Resources, 515-294-4800, your HR Coordinator,

 Advance Services, Inc., Kimberley Warnick, 515-233-4333, kim.warnick@asinc.net

17. Once the temporary agency worker is hired, how do I submit their hours worked?

Time cards are due on Monday by noon for the previous week.

If hours are sent by email then address it to ames@asinc.net and in the subject line put:ISU TC WE  and Sunday’s date - For example ISU TC WE 8-03-14

Emailed, faxed or paper time cards need to be filled out clearly with the employees name and department. (This will help to avoid any delays in paying our employees.)

18. Where is Advanced Services, Inc. located?

415 South Duff Suite C, Ames, IA 50010 (behind Arby’s). 

Visit www.asinc.net  for more information about the Ames Office.

19. Who is the contact person for Advance Services, Inc.?

Kimberley Warnick 515-233-4333