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Summary Dismissal
P&S Procedures for Requesting and Approving Summary Dismissal

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Employee Dispute Resolution

Form: Grievance-Employment or Working Conditions PS 2013-12-01
Form: Grievance-Loss of Compensation or Job PS 2013-12-01
P&S Dispute Resolution Procedures

Workers’ Compensation

The supervisor and/or employee are responsible for electronically completing a First Report of Injury (FROI) via AccessPlus.


Arrange the initial medical appointment for the injured worker with an approved WC provider

When calling to make an appointment, be sure to indicate that the injury is believed to be work related and the employer is Iowa State University. When arranging an initial appointment for an employee with a work place injury specific to repetitive motion, back injuries or strains and sprains, the supervisor will give the employee a copy of his/her position description (PD and/or the Essential Functions document) and instruct him/her to take this to the appointment and give to the treating physician. If the injured employee does not have a position description (PD) available for the initial appointment the supervisor will need to follow up and provide it by mail or fax (515-239-4767) to Occupational Medicine McFarland Clinic, P.C. as soon as possible.

Occupational Medicine, McFarland Clinic, P.C.

1215 Duff Avenue Ames, IA 50010

For appointments call: 515-239-4496

Occupational Medicine, McFarland Clinic, P.C. will coordinate treatment and refer to an appropriate specialist for additional care, if necessary.

McFarland Clinic in Ames may request that the injured employee bring a copy of their position description and essential functions with them to their initial appointment when the work place injury involves repetitive motion, back injuries, strains, or sprains. The physician needs this information to determine the need for work restrictions. If the position description or essential functions are not available for the initial appointment, the supervisor should send the copies as soon as possible by fax (515-239-4767). If you need further assistance with locating a Position Description or essential functions description, please contact HRS, ER/LR at 515-294-3753.

Review and complete the First Report of Injury (FROI) in Access Plus and electronically sending it to The manager/supervisor must either fill out the form or review the form with the employee if he or she fills it out. Include any comments or concerns on the First Report of Injury, including any concerns about the work-relatedness of the injury.

Complete Lost/Restricted Time Reports when an employee is away from work or if he/she is on work restrictions which you are able to accommodate. Submit by 5:00pm on Monday for the preceding week.

It is important for departments to notify employees with workers’ compensation injuries that qualify as a serious health condition of their FMLA rights. In some cases, an employee's benefits under FMLA may be exhausted before the benefits required by the State.

Determine if the provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) apply. Questions concerning FMLA should be directed to the Employee and Labor Relations Office at or 515-294-3753.

Inform the employee that they must bring work status report form to you prior to returning back to work. Work status reports should include the employees name, date of injury, and clear instructions regarding their work restrictions.

Review the employee's work status report, comparing any restrictions with the employee's daily work duties. (Work Status reports will be given by the physician to the employee.)

Whenever possible, we ask you temporarily accommodate healing period restrictions with modified duty work even if it is for only a partial day.

Provide the employee with the following forms:

Mileage and Prescription Reimbursement Form

Supplementing Workers’ Compensation Benefits letter

P28 Benefits Election Form - administer after three calendar days have been missed.

Transitional Work Plan - completed when the employee is returning to work with restricted duties for an extended time period and work accommodations are such that confirmation of physician approval is warranted.

When applicable, Family Medical Leave Policy information-completed when the employee has missed three (3) or more consecutive days of work.

For more information, please see the Workers' Compensation page. 

Modified Work

A Transitional Work Plan plan may be an appropriate course of action. Your department/college HR Liaison can also assist in crafting a transitional work plan for your employees.

University Human Resources (UHR) is the ISU contact for workers' compensation issues. UHR will answer workers' compensation questions, assist departments with appropriate and timely return to work for employees with physician restrictions and assist with questions concerning payroll reporting for employee's receiving workers compensation benefits. They can be reached at 5152948917or

When an employee misses more than three (3) consecutive work days whether work related or not the department should notify the employee of FMLA rights. Questions concerning FMLA should be directed to the Benefits Office in the Department of Human Resources at 5152944800.

A physician signed Work Status Report will serve in place of FMLA Medical Certification. Departments are to accept the Work Status Report as verification of need for absence when the work related injury does not permit the employee to work and the absence is an FMLA event. The intended duration of the absence will coincide with the next medical appointment as indicated on the Work Status Report.

In some cases an employee may requalify for FMLA (12 weeks per calendar year, etc.) if the FMLA count goes into a new FMLA year.

When an employee has missed a total of 24 hours of work due to physician visits (the hours do not have to be consecutive) the employee then again is paid by ISU as if they were working and personal leave is not charged. The Department is responsible for tracking this 24 hour period. Physical therapy appointments are considered medical treatment appointments.

Long Term Disability

Departments can assist employees with this process by either notifying University Human Resources/Benefits directly when an employee has been on any medical leave for one month or process an EPA to communicate this information to Benefits. This action will allow the University Human Resources/Benefits to provide the employee with an application for long term disability in a timely manner.


You may be eligible under FMLA guidelines for time away from work. Contact your department to see if you qualify

This will depend on meeting the eligibility guidelines under FMLA. If you anticipate that an employee will miss time away from work immediately contact ER/LR Office at 515-294-3753 or email to determine FMLA eligibility.

Workplace Accommodations

Employees and Superviros may seek assistance from Human Resources Service Center or the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance.


The instructor or supervisor will review the situation in an effort to provide a reasonable accommodation when possible to do so without fundamentally altering a course or creating an undue burden for the instructor, supervisor, or department.

Instructors and employers should be aware that the time needed for a student's or an employee's accommodation may extend beyond the length of the religious observation itself, including for the purposes of travel or to complete missed coursework or work assignments. Instructors and employers should also be aware that religious observances can vary widely not only between religions, but within them as well, which may call for different kinds of accommodation.

COBRA for employing units

Under the law, the employer is responsible for knowing when any of the following Qualifying Events occurs: 1) Voluntary termination; 2) Involuntary termination; 3) Reduction of hours/layoff; 4) Death of employee; 5) Medicare enrollment of employee; and 6) Employer’s bankruptcy under Title 11 of the U. S. Code. The covered employee or dependent must notify the Benefits Office of a divorce, legal separation, or a Dependent Child losing dependent status within 60 days of the date of the event or the date on which coverage would end, whichever is later.


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