Temporary Employment

Temporary employment is intended to cover short term (i.e., filling in for vacation/illness or special project) or intermittent needs of a department. At Iowa State University there are several different types of temporary positions. Departments may hire employees utilizing their Staff Recruiting Specialist or through our temporary employment agency, Advance Services, Inc.

Related Policies
  • Board of Regents Merit System Rules-681-3.82 (8A)
  • Iowa Code- Supplement section 8A.412 (9) Merit system - applicability - exceptions Seasonal employees appointed during a state agency's designated six-month seasonal employment period during the same annual twelve-month period, as approved by the director.
  • Iowa Code- Supplement section 8A.413 (12) State human resource management - rules. For temporary employment for not more than seven hundred eighty hours in a fiscal year.
  • P&S Appointment Duration Policy

Expectations for Temporary Employment

  • Temporary positions do not require that a position be created nor that the position be formally classified by UHR. However, if it’s a Merit classification, a job profile will need to be assigned. Job title will be determined by the duties and required qualifications of the position.
    • An exception to using a Merit job title is seasonal employment. The time period allowed for seasonal employment as identified by the Board of Regents is April 15 through October 15. During that time period, jobs of a seasonal nature may be classified as “Seasonal”.
      • Examples of seasonal work would be field work, camps, student orientation, summer conferences or projects that exist primarily during the summer season.
      • Jobs that would not be appropriately labeled as seasonal would be hiring someone to fill in for an employee taking an extended vacation during the summer, or jobs that already have a P&S or Merit job profile.
      • Work needed before April 15 and after October 15 should be hired in an appropriate classification and should not be switched to/from seasonal employment.
  • Posting/Hire will be processed through Workday as a waiver of job advertisement before an employee begins work. All approvals that are required within the respective organizational unit should be obtained.
  • Temporary postings that are processed for recruitment will be announced for a minimum of 10 calendar days in accordance with BOR Merit System Rules and 7 calendar days in accordance with P&S policy.
  • Applicant/Hire will complete the employment application for the posting whether the hire is a result of an open recruitment or a waiver.
  • An individual employee must not work more than 780 temporary hours during a fiscal year in any or all ISU employing departments.
    • Requests for P&S temporary will only be considered if the nature of work is sporadic and would not exceed 780 hours. A P&S Emergency appointment is an alternative to consider if job will last longer than 780 hours.
    • Merit temporary employees will be paid in accordance with rules on pay per BOR Merit System Rules. Seasonal employees must be paid at least minimum wage.
    • Temporary employees are allowed to have more than one temporary position at ISU given the following guidelines:
      • 780 hours count towards all positions
      • Employee needs to apply, qualify and sign an offer letter for each position
      • Cannot be a student employee and a P&S or Merit temporary at the same time
  • Current ISU temporary employees may not also be employed with ASI, Inc. as a temporary employee working at ISU.
  • If a temporary employee is to be returned to the same temporary position in successive fiscal years, HR Delivery will be notified of the return and the expected dates of employment in order to process a renewal. Employees should be separated if they have not worked within the last 12 months.
  • Employees will be paid for all hours worked per the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Hours worked over 40 in a work week will be paid at an overtime rate of time and one-half. Hours will be tracked within Workday.
  • All temporary positions are paid hourly and employees must clock in and out.
  • If the Temporary (non-student) employee earns $1,000 in two consecutive quarters, the worker is then eligible for mandatory retirement (IPERS).