Recruitment & Selection Process

The process of evaluating and determining the need for a position is critical in the recruitment process. Employing units who have a need for a new position, or to backfill an existing position, should use this as an opportunity to review the organizational structure, staffing skills and expertise, and to advance the alignment of the workforce with the college/unit’s needs and the university’s priorities.

The talent management framework and associated procedures are designed to support a positive experience for the candidate, and provide the structure for a consistent, fair, and legal process for the hiring manager and the institution. Many of these processes are based on relevant university policies. The image below represents an integrated talent management framework and identifies each step of the recruiting and hiring process:

Recruitment & Selection Toolbox 

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Recruitment & Selection Guide- P&S Recruitment & Selection Guide- Merit Resource Guide Temporary Employment Resources
Recruitment & Selection Process Map- P&S Recruitment & Selection Process Map- Merit Dual Career Resources Merit Temporary Information
Recruitment & Selection Checklist - P&S Recruitment & Selection Checklist - Merit Recruitment and Retention Temporary Employment Agency FAQ

Additional Resources:

Faster Staff Hiring Techinques
Waiver of Advertisement Quick Reference Guide
Work Authorization Language in a Posting

Identify Need & Develop Position Description

Employing units who have a need for a new position, or to backfill an existing position, should use this as an opportunity to review the organizational structure, staffing skills and expertise, and to advance the alignment of the workforce with the college/unit’s needs and the university’s priorities.

A position description (PD) contains job-related criteria and serves as a guideline for the performance expectations of a position. Position descriptions also help establish parameters and guidance around the hiring and selection process. The PD is used in the recruiting process to provide an outline of a job’s minimum and preferred qualifications. It can also be used as a guide for developing interview questions, evaluating candidates, and formulating reference check questions.

P&S Merit Tools 
Creating a P&S Position Description Creating a Merit Position Description Writing a Position Description
Creating/Modifying a P&S Positions Description (Blueprint) Creating/Modifying a Merit Position Description (Blueprint) Essential Physical Functions Tool
    Cloning a Position Description

Recruitment Planning

A thorough recruitment/sourcing plan will map out and identify means to attract a diverse and qualified applicant pool. The hiring manager is encouraged to collaborate with his/her respective HR Liaison and then, as needed, the respective UHR Talent Acquisition Consultant to determine and develop the recruitment/sourcing plan. 

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Creating a P&S Temporary Posting Creating a Merit Temporary Posting Creating a Faculty/Other Posting Approving a Posting

Sourcing & Advertising

UHR Talent Acquisition provides recruitment/sourcing resources for the hiring manager which support both targeted and diverse recruiting initiatives. UHR Talent Acquisition partners with outside vendors to ensure all positions posted to the university’s employment opportunities website are automatically posted to fulfill federal and state requirements. These websites automatically pull ISU job postings and allow for broader exposure through both the national and state workforce levels. All advertisements should follow the Open Search policy.

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium


Iowa Workforce Development

U.S. Jobs

Additional Advertisement Resources

HERC  Des Moines Register Careerbuilder*
About HERC Des Moines Register Sample Ads and Price Sheet 1 Job: $200
HERC Categories for PeopleAdmin Iowa State University Advertisement Options - PowerPoint Slides 2 Jobs: $360
HERC Categories Training - PowerPoint Iowa State University Advertisement Options - Recording 3 Jobs: $520
HERC Categories Training - Recording   5 Jobs: $850
DirectEmployers/HERC Partnership   Call: 1-877-345-5256

*CareerBuilder has deactivated all Affiliate Posting Sites and Job Advertising Portals. This means the Iowa Regents CareerBuilder Portal is no longer available to order and post job advertisements.  Job ads may still be placed with CareerBuilder by calling the CareerBuilder Help Desk at 1-877-345-5256.

Assess & Interview Candidates

Before beginning the evaluation of application materials, the hiring manager should review and discuss the position’s minimum requirements and the preferred qualifications with the Search Committee and/or Stakeholders, as applicable.

Interviews are a crucial step in the selection process. Carefully planned and well executed interviews are those that allow for key questions to be addressed. Interviews should be structured in the form of conversation and allow for the opportunity to further assess the degree to which the candidate meets the position qualifications while also gauging alignment with the employing unit.

Resources for Departments PeopleAdmin Tools
Veterans' Preference Procedure for Departments Reviewing Applicant Materials
P&S Referral Policy Screening Applicants
Behavioral Based Interviewing Training Rating and Routing Applicants
  Optional Matrix Template
  Sample Completed Matrix

Student Employment

The Student Job Board is provided by the Student Employment Center (SEC) and offers a way for students to search for jobs that employers have posted.  Employers are not required to post on the Student Job Board. If the student is skilled and experienced in research, computer services, or other specialized work, they may find excellent part-time employment just by asking the people they see in the department. For more information, please refer to the Office of Student Financial Aid

Student Employment Guidance

Student Summer Hiring FAQ

Internship Information