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PeopleAdmin  Basics

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Logging into PeopleAdmin 7  

Understanding your Profile Interface


Understanding your Profile Information


Saving a PeopleAdmin 7 Search    
Reviewing Applicant Reports    
Applicant FAQ      
PeopleAdmin Glossary    
Email Templates      
Understanding PeopleAdmin 7 Routing and Workflows - Coming Soon      
Routing and Names Example      
Position Description and Posting Routing Template      
Hiring Process Responsibilities Based on Roles      

PA7 SelectSuite Mobile Approval Portal Quick Reference Guide

Position Management
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Understanding a Position Description


Viewing your Position Description


Reviewing Classification Information

Writing a Position Description    
Creating/Modifying a Merit Position Description
Creating/Modifying a P&S Position Description
Advertising P&S Positions in a Series    
Cloning a Position Description    
Approving a Position Description  
Updating a Supervisor on a Position Description  
Viewing Direct Reports  
Applicant Tracking
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Reference Letter Tool



Creating Faculty/Other Posting

Faculty Blueprint

Creating a P&S Temporary Posting

Creating a Merit Temporary Posting

Approving a Posting


Reviewing Applicant Materials


Screening Applicants


Rating and Routing Applicants

Initiating a Hiring Proposal  
Initiating a Hiring Proposal (Faculty)    

Completing a Hiring Proposal


Understanding the Unique Identifier (SSN/UID)


Updating Final Verbal Offer Details



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Understanding the Electronic Letter of Intent (eLOI)


Understanding eLOI User Roles

Locating an eLOI    
Completing an eLOI (Tenure/Tenure-Track Faculty)  
Completing an eLOI (Non-Tenure Eligible* Faculty)    
Completing an eLOI (P&S Staff)    
Approving an eLOI  
Extending an eLOI to the Candidate  
eLOI Viewing your Letter of Intent      

Understanding Onboarding as a New Employee

Review Progress of a New Employee


UHR Service Center


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Quick Reference Guide
Job Aid
Video Guide

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