Hiring & Onboarding

The hiring manager is responsible for making the hiring selection, consistent with guidelines provided by the respective Dean, Vice President, Senior Vice President, President or his or her designee. New Employee Onboarding is the final phase of the automated candidate experience for Faculty, Professional and Scientific (P&S), and Merit positions at Iowa State University.

Recruitment & Selection Toolbox

The delivery of Human Resources will be transformed by ISD. Here's how you can best experience that transformation.

First, contact your HR Coordinators. They are the first point of contact  and local HR representative as a supervisor or employee in the organization. Whether you need a new position or want to change an existing one, consult your HR Coordinator for guidance on the type of position, level, and compensation.

Staff Recruiting Specialists are here to streamline the staff hiring process and get you the right talent for staff and post doc positions. They can help you:

  • Advertise a position: After connecting with your HR Coordinator on the need to post a vacancy, you'll work with the Staff recruiting Specialist (SRS) to get your staff and post doc roles on Workday and in other advertising outlets.
  • Find and evaluate talent: Collaborate with them on recruiting strategies and identifying the competencies of a successful candidate. Ask them about existing talent pipelines and high-potential candidates who could be a good fit. Trust them as talent acquisition professionals to use the strategy and competencies to find you the top candidates for final interviews. Collaborate on the review of candidates; they may check in on high potentials or the need to extend postings to make sure you get the right people.
  • Make the hire: Consult with them on final interview questions and final hire negotiations; they will have a great relationship with these candidates. Once you finalize your decision they will help the candidate through the background checks and transition them to the onboarding process.
Faculty  Temporary Employment 
Resource Guide Temporary Employment Resources
Dual Career Resources Merit Temporary Information
Recruitment and Retention Temporary Employment Agency FAQ

Selection & Offer of Employment

The hiring manager shall conduct and document reference checks on, at a minimum, the finalist selected for hire, including current employees being considered. Final offers shall not be made without first completing a meaningful check of the finalist’s references and completion of the background check.

Onboarding for Success

Once the hiring department confirms the hire in PeopleAdmin7, a new employee will be able to begin their ISU adventure through this self-service portal. Administered through AccessPlus, a new employee will be introduced to a menu of action items to facilitate a smooth and successful onboarding experience.


ISU Family Resource Guide

Relocation Resources

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