Dependent Eligibility Verification Project

Iowa State University is committed to offering quality, affordable healthcare plans to our faculty, staff and their eligible dependents. As part of this commitment, we’re conducting a project to verify the eligibility of all dependents enrolled in Iowa State University’s medical, dental and/or vision plans.

Iowa State University is partnering with WTW (formerly Willis Towers Watson),a long-time ISU benefits partner and consultant to manage this project. This webpage provides useful information about the project.  Most of the information found on this page will be sent directly to employees who have dependents on a medical, dental and/or vision plan.


I. Eligibility:

Eligible dependents include: spouse, domestic partner, dependent children. Dependent children may be covered until December 31 of the year they turn age 26. If covering a dependent child over age 26, they must be an unmarried, full-time student (student status verification is required).  


II. Dependent Definitions:




  • Legally married spouse (as defined by state law)

Domestic Partner

A domestic partnership is established when all the following requirements are met:

  • In a committed relationship solely to one another and intend to continue the relationship indefinitely
  • Neither person is married nor a domestic partner to another person
  • Both persons are above the age of 18 and are not related in a way that would otherwise bar marriage
  • Both persons agree to support one another and share significant resources for the benefit of their union

Eligible Child

An eligible child is a child who is your:

  • Biological child
  • Stepchild
  • Legally adopted or placed for adoption (that is, you assume a legal obligation to provide full or partial support and intend to adopt the child)
  • Child for whom you have legal guardianship
  • Foster Child


III. Definitions of Acceptable Documentation


IV. Important Project Dates



February- March

Internal communications and preparation with vendor

March 27, 2023

Verification Phase begins (documents may be submitted through the portal)

June 2, 2023

Verification Phase ends (documents must be submitted by this date)


ISU sign off on ineligible dependents


ISU final response to employee regarding dependent coverage


ISU Benefits Team eliminates ineligible dependents on employee records for Open Enrollment


Annual Open Enrollment for Plan year 2024


ISU Benefits Team process any documents for dependents added back on plan from Open Enrollment elections

VI.  Dependent Eligibility Verification FAQs

VII. Dependent Eligibility Verification Resources for Submitting Documentation

 Additional Information