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Job Profiles can be found in Workday. Use this job aid for assistance.   

New Classification Structure Resources


P&S Classification and Career Progression Guidelines

Guidance on utilizing the P&S classification structure

P&S Classification Structure Framework

Graphic of P&S classification structure to aid understanding

P&S Classification Titling Conventions

Common conventions used when titling P&S job profiles


Level Guidelines

Guidelines to identify the significant factors that outline the progression of responsibility separating each job level within a given job category

Glossary of Terms

Definitions of commons terms associated with the new P&S classification structure

P&S Business Title Guidelines

Guide for appropriately using a business title (i.e. working title)


Understanding the New P&S Classification Structure

15 minute video training for employees and managers about the new P&S classification structure

What it means to be an IC4

Guide for understanding individual contributor level 4 and how it fits into the new classification structure



New Compensation Structure Resources


P&S Compensation Guidelines

Guidance on utilizing the P&S compensation structure

Understanding the New P&S Compensation Structure

15 minute video training for employees and managers about the new P&S compensation structure

P&S Council Seminar - Market-based Pay Structure

Recording of the market-based pay structure presentation at P&S Council from March 2018. Search for keyword "FY18-6" after logging in to Learn@ISU

Compensation Conversation - Guide for Managers

List of talking points and guidance for managers to aid employees on evaluating their position in the pay grade

P&S Compensation Grades

The new P&S Compensation Grades will be effective September 20, 2020

New P&S Pay Grades Job Aid

How to review new P&S pay grades in Workday.


Microlearning Trainings: short, informational trainings that focus on a specific aspect of the new compensation system

Market-based Compensation Structure - Building the Structure & Advantages

Video training how the market-based structure was built and how it will benefit ISU

Market-Based Compensation - ISU's Market & Considerations

Video training on ISU's market and other elements that were taken into consideration

Classification and Compensation Structure - How it Works Together

Video training on how both new structures work together to benefit P&S employees


Evaluating Salary - Best Practices for Pay Delivery

Video training for managers on pay delivery best practices and factors to consider for new hires.




Title Review Resources

Title Review Guide for Employees

Guide for employees to review their job profile.

Title Review Guide for Managers

Guide for managers to aid employees during the Title Review process.

Title Discussion Talking Points

List of considerations and discussion topics for Title Review meetings.


Title Review Process Flow

Timeline and process outline.

ISU New P&S Job Profile Report Job Aid

How to review new P&S job profiles in Workday.


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