Classification and Compensation Review

The primary goal of the Classification and Compensation Review Project is to review the current Professional and Scientific (P&S) jobs and pay practices in order to design a new, market-driven structure and pay philosophy that enable the attraction, retention and reward of P&S employees at Iowa State that is aligned with our mission, and is fair, equitable and FLSA compliant. 

Expected Outcomes: 

  • Create and establish a university-wide compensation philosophy for P&S staff
  • Develop defined job families for P&S jobs
  • Develop a P&S pay structure that accounts for market and internal job equity
  • Develop defined pay administration policies and practices to maintain a modern and competitive pay program
  • Create a framework for the future development of P&S career pathways

Resources and Tools

Classification and Compensation Review Project Updates - click here

Classification and Compensation Review Project Implementation - click here

Classification and Compensation Review Project Teams - click here 

Classification and Compensation Resources - click here

Classification and Compensation Level Guidelines - click here

Job Profiles can be found in Workday. Use this job aid for assistance - click here


FAQ's and guidelines can be found on the Resources page. As we move through the Classification and Compensation Review, more FAQs and other resources will be added. Please check back frequently or email or provide feedback in the space provided below.

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