Onboarding & New Employee Checklist

As a new ISU employee, there are many people to meet, forms to fill out and procedures to learn.  The checklist below will keep you organized with some of the general details.

Before your first day of work

You should have received a letter from University Human Resources that can help you get started with your University ID, AccessPlus, and e-mail.  If you did not, receive this letter, check with your department or with ISU Card Office when you get your ISU Card.

  1. Check with your department BEFORE proceeding. Departments can have unique new employee processes
  2. Get your ISU card
  3. Get your access cards and keys
  4. Choose your commuting option
  5. Complete the Onboarding process (see below for where to complete)
    1. Register for a Net-ID
    2. Complete the Equal Opportunity form
    3. Address information
    4. W-4 Withholding Federal and State
    5. Direct Deposit
    6. Payroll
    7. E-verify
    8. Benefits enrollment
    9. Retirement enrollment
    10. Emergency Contact Information
    11. ISU Alert Sign-up
    12. Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Disclosure
  6. University Orientation
  7. Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability
  8. Veteran Status Post-Offer Survey

View additional Self-Service tools on AccessPlus


ISU Card

New employees will receive an ISU Card with access capabilities. Read more about the ISU Card

Note: New employees with Student ISU Cards should get a new card with a staff designation.

To obtain an ISU Card, bring a Photo ID and Social Security Number or University Identification Number to the ISU Card Office. Need a duplicate Social Security Card?

To get your ISU card, first, go to 0530 Beardshear hall between eight a m and four fifteen p m to fill out an application, second, show your photo ID, third, get photo taken, fourth, choose an accessplus password. Lastly you will receive your isu card

Questions? Contact ISU Card Office


Access Cards & Keys

Once you receive your ISU Card, contact your department key coordinator to have door access granted. The coordinator must initiate the request before you will be issued a key or your Access Card will be activated.

Questions? Contact Building Security Services



Commuting & Parking


  • University Transportation Services
  • Van Pool
  • CyRide

Free Parking + CyRide:

May choose free parking in the Commuter lot at the Iowa State Center to take CyRide Orange Route to campus.

Parking Permit:

Faculty and staff are eligible to purchase a General Staff, Reserve, or 24-hour Reserve permit. Visit Parking Division for current permit fees.

To get a parking permit:

Questions? Contact Parking Division


Onboarding and AccessPlus

Onboarding is completed based on employee type:

  • Faculty and P&S employees: follow the instructions in the following sections
  • Merit employees: Complete these steps in the Onboarding section of AccessPlus



Register for a Net-ID

  1. Go to ASW
  2. Sign in using your university ID number  and follow the onscreen instructions.

Questions? Contact Solution Center


Equal Employment Opportunity

Complete Online:

  1. Log into AccessPlus
  2. Click Employee Tab
  3. Select Equal Opportunity

Complete at home:

  1. Download and print the Equal Employment Opportunity Form
  2. Return to UHR Service Center

Questions? Contact Office of Equal Opportunity for information. Contact UHR Service Center with questions regarding the form.



Address Change

Address Changes (home and/or office):

  1. Log into AccessPlus
  2. Click on the Employee Tab
  3. Select Address Information

Retiree Address Change:

  1. Print and complete the Retiree Address Change Form 
  2. Mail your form to UHR Service Center


W-4 Withholding Federal and State

Complete online:

  1. Log into AccessPlus
  2. Click on the Employee Tab
  3. Select W-4 Withholding

Note: A Local/Permanent address must be registered in the system in order to complete the W-4s online.

Complete at home:

  1. Print and complete the Federal Form W-4 
  2. Print and complete the State Form W-4 
  3. Hand deliver or mail the completed form to the Payroll Office

Complete in person:

Go the Payroll Office to complete the W-4 forms

Note: If W-4s are NOT completed, the tax withholding will default to Single & Zero.

Questions? Contact Payroll Office 



Direct Deposit

Employees with an active ISU e-mail:

  1. log into AccessPlus
  2. click on the Employee Tab
  3. Select Direct Deposit

Employees without an active ISU e-mail:

  1. Download the Direct Deposit Form
  2. Complete the top portion of the form
  3. Return the completed form to UHR Service Center


Payroll Sign-up

Use Blue or Black Ink to be complete and sign all forms in the Payroll Signup packet before your first day of employment.

Note: If you have been previously employed by Iowa State University, please contact the UHR Service Center to determine if the employee needs to update their employment paperwork.

US Citizens & Lawful Permanent Residents:

  1. Download and print the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9
  2. Complete the form using Blue or Black ink
  3. Gather the required documents
  4. Return the completed form and documents to UHR Service Center

Non-immigrant and Non-citizen Nationals of the United States :

  1. Complete the I-9 form in the Office of International Students and Scholars on or before your first day of work
  2. Submit the completed I-9 Form to UHR Service Center

Note: you will complete the rest of payroll signup forms at this time.

Questions? Contact the Office of International Students and Scholars

Hires under the age of 18

Requirements for hires under the age of 18


All Employees of Iowa State University must be 14 years of age or older.

Persons who are 14 or 15 years of age require an Iowa Child Labor Work Permit. This form and the guide to completing Child Labor Application/Work Permit can be found on the Iowa Workforce website at http://www.iowaworkforce.org/labor/childlabor.htm. This completed application and a copy of their birth certificate must accompany the form I-9. These documents must be filed with the form I-9 in our office.

Persons who are 16 or 17 years of age require a copy of their birth certificate. These documents must be filed along with the form I-9 in our office.

If there are any questions please contact our office at 515-294-4800.

Temporary Employees:

  1. Complete the Temporary & XH payroll enrollment form
  2. Submit the completed form to UHR Service Center




As a federal contractor, Iowa State University is required to participate in the federal government's E-Verify program. With E-Verify, UHR is able to confirm the employment authorization of all newly hired employees and most existing employees through an electronic database maintained by the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security. E-Verify is not used as a tool to prescreen candidates.

The E-Verify process is completed in conjunction with a new hire's completion of the Form I-9. You do not need to do anything further.

Questions? Visit the US Department of Homeland Security and click on 'E-Verify'


Retirement Enrollment

  1. Log into AccessPlus
  2. click on the Employee Tab
  3. Select Onboarding



Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact allows you to designate who to contact if you are seriously injured or become seriously ill or are missing.  The information is confidential and available to emergency response staff only.

  1. Log into AccessPlus
  2. click Employee Tab
  3. Click Emergency Contact


ISU Alert Sign-up

ISU Alert is Iowa State University's emergency notification system.  The system will quickly alert Iowa State University students, faculty, and staff to potential dangerous situations.

  1. Log into AccessPlus
  2. click Employee Tab
  3. Click ISU Alert
  4. Choose how to be alerted by entering you information for voicemail, text, e-mail, or a combination of the all three.
  5. Click submit



Conflict of Interest and Commitment Disclosure

  1. Log into AccessPlus
  2. Click Employee Tab
  3. Select COIC Disclosure

Questions? Contact Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost


Benefit Enrollment

  1. Receive onboarding notice or benefits packet or notice of ineligibility
  2. Attend a Group Benefit Session by signing up in Learn@ISU or arrange an appointment with staff
  3. Complete and return necessary forms before deadline provided with notice or packet

Questions? Contact UHR Service Center or UHR Benefits at benefits@iastate.edu



University Orientation

  1. Log into Learn@ISU
  2. Select “University Human Resources” from the catalog drop-down menu
  3. Enter “University Orientation”
  4. Click Search
  5. Click “List Events” to view available sessions
  6. Click Enroll for the desired session
  7. In the pop-up window, click “Register”

Questions? Contact UHR Talent Acquisition at employment@iastate.edu.


Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability

Federal law requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities. Complete this form to indicate you require reasonable accommodations to perform your job.

Complete at home:

  1. Download and print the Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form
  2. Complete the form and return to UHR Service Center

Complete in person:

Complete the form in person in the UHR Service Center



Veteran Status Post-Offer Survey

This information enables Iowa State University, a government contractor, to take affirmative action to employ and advance protected veterans. Submission of this information in voluntary and refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment.

Complete at home:

  1. Download and print the Veteran Status Post-Offer Survey
  2. Return the completed for to UHR Service Center

Complete in person:

Complete the form in the UHR Service Center




UHR Service Center