Applicant FAQ

Do I have to fill out an application?

Everyone who applies for a position at Iowa State University is required to submit an application. All required information is denoted with an asterisk. The more information you are able to provide, the more effectively your qualifications can be evaluated.


Do you accept paper applications?

No, all employment applications must be submitted electronically through the employment website at


Is there a limit to the number of positions I can apply for?

No, there is not a limit to the number of positions to which you can apply.


How long will a posting be listed on the web?

Most postings will be listed until the Guaranteed Consideration Date, which can be found beneath the application instructions on the Iowa State Employment Opportunities site. If a posting is viewable on the online system, you may apply to it. However, in order to receive guaranteed consideration, applications must be received and complete by the guaranteed consideration date.


What is a guaranteed consideration date?

This is the date by which applicants must apply for a posting if they wish to be considered.

If a Guaranteed Consideration Date is July 3, does that mean midnight or earlier?

It means Midnight, Central Standard or Daylight time, depending on the season. We recommend you plan ahead as applications may not be considered after this time.


Will late applications be accepted?

If the posting is available on the website for applications, then you may apply. If the Guaranteed Consideration Date has passed, then your application may not be reviewed. ISU does not collect applications outside of the online application system.


How can I apply for positions that were previously posted?

If the position is not listed on the website, you will not be able to apply for it.


What if I lose/forget my user name and/or password?

If you forget your username or password, click on the “Forgot your username or password?” link on the Login page. You will be asked to enter the e-mail or username used to create your account and click on “Retrieve my username” or “Retrieve my password”. The system will send you an e-mail with your username and/or temporary password.


How do I know what positions I can apply for?

You may apply for any position listed online. Please note in order to be qualified for a position, you must meet:





Required Education and Experience

Required Qualifications

Required Education and Experience

Required Licensure(s)/Certification(s)

Special Qualifications

Supplemental Required Education and Experience

Required Licensure(s)/Certification(s)

Required Licensure(s)/Certification(s)


What information will I need when applying for a position?

You will be asked to complete an application based on the type of position for which you are applying. You will be asked to provide personal information, education history, and answer pre-employment questions such as questions regarding convictions, prior Board of Regents employment, and authorization to work in the U.S. In addition to the information above, Merit applicants will be asked to enter your employment history, including information such as dates of employment, duties, machines/software/equipment used, and name of supervisor.


Each time you apply to a posting using the same login, the application you completed for that position type (e.g. Faculty) will be attached. First, you will be asked to verify that the information is still accurate and if not, you will have the opportunity to edit. You will also have to answer any supplemental questions, attach documents as requested in the Application Instructions of the posting and read the certification and certify and submit your application.


Is it important for me to disclose on the application?

Yes, it is important for you to disclose convictions, deferred judgments, sentences, fines, probation, pleading guilty or no contest and traffic violations when asked on the application. Should you be selected for hire, a background check may be completed per the Employment Verification and Background Check Policy at ISU. If there is a discrepancy between an applicant’s background check and their application, it could negatively impact the applicant and/or be considered falsification of records, which could result in the applicant no longer being considered for hire. Please keep in mind that a criminal conviction is not an absolute bar to employment but will be considered in relationship to the specific job requirements.


Can I save an application in the middle of creating it and come back later?

To save the application:

Yes, when you are applying for a specific posting, you may save and return later by clicking Save Changes. Please remember that unless you complete the application process by the guaranteed consideration date and receive a confirmation number, your application will not be considered.


To edit the application before submitting:

Log into with your username and password. Then, click on YOUR APPLICATIONS” on the left toolbar. To the right, you will then see links to either View Job Posting or you can click the Application link. If a posting is closed, your Applications to Complete will no longer accept application edits. We recommend that you view the application first to see what edits need to be made. When in Edit mode, click save changes and continue through all of the screens (even if you don’t need to edit that screen) until you get to the end. Be sure to click confirm your application at the end.


How long does my application remain active in the system?

Each application is active until the position is filled or the posting is withdrawn.


Will I be asked to attach a resume or cover letter?

Each posting will have unique document requirements. Most P&S and Faculty positions require you to attach a resume and cover letter and will ask you to attach documents as you go through the online application process. PDF documents are recommended, however, the system will convert your Microsoft Word documents to PDF once uploaded. Please note the minimum document size is 9MB. Alternatively, during the application process you can choose to write the document type through your web browser.


Will I be asked to attach reference information?

Most P&S and Faculty postings will request a list of references contact information (e.g. name, email, relationship, phone number) to be uploaded as a PDF. Some Faculty postings will use a reference letter feature. Applicants will enter the email address and name of the reference contact information. The application system will generate an invite to the contact and allow the contact to upload a reference letter. Merit postings do not ask for references, instead departments will contact former supervisors for reference checks.


How do I attach a document?

If the position you are applying for accepts resumes or other documents, you will have the opportunity to attach your documents after you have clicked the “Apply to this Job button for the position for which you wish to apply. After clicking that button and completing the Employment History section, Applicant Documents will appear. The online employment site accepts documents in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format, of a file size less than 9MB. If neither format is available to you, you can select to write the document type through your web browser.


Can I attach a different resume for each position I apply to?

Yes, if the position you are applying to requires a resume you will be able to choose which documents to attach when you are in the Applicant Documents section of each application. If you have previously applied to a posting at Iowa State University and have used our system to upload documents, the system will give you the option to use a previously uploaded document. However, if you wish to upload a new document, you can name and choose a file from your computer to submit.


To whom do I address my cover letter?

Please refer to the Posting Announcement. If a contact person is listed, please address the letter to that person. If no contact person is listed, please address your letter to “Whom it may concern” or “Search Committee Members”.

How do I edit my application after I have already applied?

If you edit your application, the changes will only be seen on the current applicant in which you are editing. Any additional applications would also need to be separately edited. Furthermore, previous positions you have applied will not show any changes. If you would like the changes to be seen on the other applications, please contact the UHR Service Center at 515-294-4800 or toll free at 1-877-477- 7485, or email with your request to replace your application, if possible. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to switch them out depending upon the timing of your request but will be happy to inquire with the hiring department.


Updating or Replacing Documents:

If you need to replace a document for a position to which you had already applied, please contact the person listed in the Application Instructions of the posting announcement with your request. If a contact person is not listed, contact the HR Service Center at 515-294-4800 or toll free at 1-877-477-7485, or email


How do I verify my application materials were received or check the status of my application?

Log into with your username and password. Click Your Applications to display a list of all the applications to complete and completed applications. Here you can view the posting and the status of your application. You can also view the documents you have attached for each posting.

Some postings may not ask for documents to be attached, so please review the application instructions for each posting to confirm if you successfully attached the requested documents. Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will see a confirmation number and you will be sent an email confirming that you have applied.


When will I know if I am selected for an interview?

The hiring department will generally contact you by phone or email to request an interview. If your contact information has changed, please notify the department contact listed on the posting announcement or send an email to You can login at to check the status of your application and view the posting.


What does “No Longer Under Consideration” mean?

This means that the department has proceeded with the selection of other applicants at this time. We appreciate your interest and hope that you will continue to monitor ISU job opportunities at


What does “Position Filled” mean?

This means that the department has proceeded with the selection of other applicants at this time. We appreciate your interest and hope that you will continue to monitor ISU job opportunities at


Technical Troubleshooting


Possible Cause and Suggested Resolution

The site ‘froze’ while I was uploading my documents

This is generally caused when your document is larger than 9MB. You can correct this by editing your documents to exclude graphics and pictures and use plain text. Another possible problem could be because of your browser, try another one and see if the problem is still occurring.

Document formatting did not load properly

When the system converts documents from Word to a pdf file (required for security), some formatting may be lost. You can avoid this by reworking your Word document, avoiding formatting such as bullets, non-standard margins and tables, or converting your document to pdf format prior to uploading it to our system. If you do not already have the ability to convert from Word to pdf, you can go to and register for the three free conversions. If you decide to save or rework your documents after you have clicked “Finished Attaching Documents”, please send an email to for assistance.