Healthcare Videos

understanding your medical coverage costs.

Learn about your medical coverage costs at Iowa State.

Generic drugs

Learn why generic drugs are just as good as name brand.


Learn the ins and outs of prescription home delivery.

Review the medical plan basics

Learn the basics of your medical plan with this refresher.


Learn when a virtual visit could be the right fit for you.


Learn how to use the Express Scripts mobile app. 

Find your prescriptions for less

Learn how to shop around for the best price.


Learn how you can utilize preventative care benefits.


Learn how to get 24/7 medical advice with Nurseline. 


Learn about the two available Delta Dental networks.

Save Money on Health Care

Learn to save money with a comparison-shopping tool.

Meet telemedicine

Learn more about Telemedicine: health care from home. 

Fast care for less

Learn how visiting urgent care can save time and money.

Put medical bills on a payment plan

Large medical bill? Learn more about payment plans. 

Retirement Videos

Remote video URL

Need help choosing between IPERS and TIAA? This video can help you with your decision.