Retirement Plan Options


Professional and Scientific (P&S)
Pre / Post Doctoral Associates
403(b) TIAA
Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan


Retirement Plan Comparison

Comparison between the two retirement plans, IPERS and 403(b) TIAA. The initial election (or default) of IPERS or TIAA may only be changed following a qualifying break in service (4 months or longer) from Iowa State University. 

Investment Policy Statement

Iowa State University sponsors a participant-directed Defined Contribution Retirement Plan that meets the requirements of Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code of 2986, as amended through July 1, 2000, for the benefit of its employees. Plan contributions are invested in one or more of the funding vehicles available to you. The plan is sponsored to assist you with the long-term accumulation of retirement savings through a combination of your and Iowa State University contributions.

403(b) TIAA

TIAA is a type of defined contribution plan. The amount contributed to the plan is known at the beginning; the retirement income is not known. The income will be determined by investment performance.


The IPERS plan is a defined benefit plan. The retirement income is determined by a formula based on years of service and the salary earned. Defined benefit plans are sometimes called traditional pension plans.

Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan

A Group Supplemental Retirement Annuity (GSRA) option is available for active employees to start voluntary retirement savings through payroll deduction. These are accounts that allow you to contribute additional funds to your retirement on a tax-deferred or after-tax basis.

To start, stop or change contributions to the Voluntary Supplemental Retirement Savings Plan, you must complete the GSRA Change Request. Changes can be made any time of the year, but the deadline to submit requests each month is the 15th for changes to the end of the month payroll.


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