Long-Term Disability Insurance


Non-Supervisory Merit (Organized) employees with an appointment of 1/2 time or greater for a continuous duration of nine (9) months or longer.

Note: Retired employees and Pre/Post Doctoral Associates are not eligible.



During the first year of employment, non-supervisory employees have the option to apply for the long-term disability option. Employees are required to provide evidence of insurability by completing a Principal Statement of Health, which must be approved by Principal Financial Group.

If approved for the coverage, the employee is responsible for the premium on a post-tax basis during their first year of employment. Premium is based on annual budgeted salary.

Premium is paid 100% by Iowa State University the first of the month following one full year of continuous active employment.   


Policy Benefits

  • The amount of coverage is based on your monthly compensation at the time your disability begins. Plan pays monthly, 75% of the first $1,000 salary plus 60% of your monthly compensation in excess of $1,000 up to a maximum benefit payable of $7,650 per month.
  • Benefit payments are coordinated with Primary and Dependents Social Security and Workers' Compensation benefits.
  • Monthly compensation is 1/12 of annual budgeted salary.
  • Participants maintain full value of Iowa State University life insurance policies enrolled in at the time of the disability incurred date. Premiums are paid through a life waiver.
  • Participants have the option to continue group health and dental insurance, but employee is respnsible for the full premium. There will be no Iowa State University contribution.
  • Cost-of-living adjustments based upon the Consumer Price Index are applied to benefits each year on the July 1 following completion of one year of continuous disability.
  • This income is fully taxable. Long-term disability income is considrered lost wages. 


Long-Term Disability Summary Plan Description