Long Term Disability Insurance


Faculty, Professional & Scientific and Merit employees with an appointment of 1/2 time or greater for a continuous duration of 9 months or longer.

Note: Retired employees and Pre/Post Doctoral Associates are not eligible.




Employees will be automatically enrolled in the long-term disability plan after twelve months of service.  Coverage is effective the first of the month following the one year anniversay date. 

Employees have the option to apply for the LTD coverage for the 1st year of employment during their initial benefits enrollment period or during the open change period.  Employees are required to provide evidence of insurability by completing a Principal State of Health Questionnaire, which must be approved by Principal Financial Group.  Once approved, the employee pays the premium for the first year of coverage.   After one year, ISU will pay the premium 100%.  


Plan Options


75%/60% Plan:  The amount of coverage is based on your University budgeted salary. Plan pays, monthly, 75% of your first $1,000 salary plus 60% of your salary in excess of $1,000 up to a maximum of $16,417 per month.



Employees are responsible for the premium on a post-tax basis during their first year of employment. Premium is based on annual budgeted salary. Premium is paid 100% by Iowa State University once you have completed one full year of continuous, active employment.


Policy Benefits

  • Participants maintain full value of all Iowa State University life insurance policies enrolled at the time of disability incurred date. Premiums are paid through a life wiaver.
  • Participants are eligible to continue on the medical and dental insurance coverage through ISU
  • Benefit payments are coordinated with Primary and Dependents Social Security and Workers’ Compensation benefits.
  • Cost of living adjustments based upon the Consumer Price Index are applied to benefits each year on the July 1 following completion of one year of continuous disability.
  • This income is fully taxable. Long-term disability income is considered lost wages.


Long-Term Disability Summary Plan Description