Workday Recruiting Updates

Workday continues to offer more functionality in the recruiting area, and we have been able to leverage consolidated data to identify trends and help us to drive continuous improvement efforts. Some of those enhancements are noted below.

New Updates

Previous Workday Recruiting Issues and Solutions. 

New Updates - Effective November 2nd:

Updated Job Posting End Date (All Job Postings):

As you may know, a challenge since going live with Workday Recruiting last July was the closing time of the posting end date.  In most higher education institutions, it is common for applicants to have the full day to submit their employment application. Instead, Workday required the posting end date to close at 12:01 a.m. on the date listed.

We are pleased to announce that the ISU Workday team created a way to allow the posting to remain open until 11:59 p.m. on the day listed on the job posting or guaranteed consideration date, giving applicants the entire day to complete and submit their application. This is an exciting update that will benefit not only the job seekers but also hiring managers. 

External Reference Collection for Applicants (P&S and Merit Only):

Currently, we ask that every applicant submit a resume, cover letter and a list of three professional references. With this update, UHR staff recruiting specialists will have the ability to collect reference information in a questionnaire/survey format that will be stored and accessed directly within Workday.  This enhancement also allows us to provide a better candidate experience by only collecting references for those individuals who have been selected as finalists. With this change, the application instructions on all P&S job postings will be updated to reflect these changes.

Hiring Manager and New Hire Recruiting Survey (P&S and Merit Only):

Since the implementation of the Staff Recruiting model as a part of HR Service Delivery in July 2019, UHR has been sending surveys to hiring managers of P&S and Merit positions on a quarterly basis. Effective Monday, November 2, for every P&S and Merit new hire and hiring managers will receive a task in their inbox to rate their experience working with their UHR staff recruiting specialist and their recruiting experience. Additionally, once the new hire completes their Workday Onboarding, they will also receive a task to rate their experience from a candidate perspective. It is important to note that these questionnaires are optional; however, we hope to receive real-time feedback to help UHR define and prioritize upcoming continuous improvement efforts.  Other candidates not selected may also receive a survey outside of Workday to provide feedback about their experiences.

IssueSolutionDate Completed
Job Posting End Date is at 12:01 am, departments would like it to allow the full day for applicants to apply.We have created a calculated field that allows us to have postings close at the end of the day (11:59 pm), instead of at the beginning of the day.November 2020

Search Committee members would like to be able to bundle all documents together.

Workday first release of 2020 allowed us to change how we accepted documentation in order to bundle the documents.March 2020

Veterans’ Preference questionnaire was not clear on whether or not the applicant had to submit this questionnaire in order for their application to be submitted.

Removed the Veterans’ Preference questionnaire from the application. Individuals can still request Veterans’ Preference by emailing 2020
Search Committees need to be identified before position is posted.Search Committees can be created at any time and members can be added/removed at any time.January 2020
Applicants Unable to Review Application Once Submitted (from external candidate survey)The first Workday update release of 2020 allowed candidates to review their application (including attachments) before submitting their application and after their application was completed.January 2020

Prefer to not enter applicant ratings one by one – request to only upload a resume

Removed the applicant ratings from the system.October 2019

Quick Apply/Resume Parsing instructions are not clear to faculty applicants.

Updated parsing instructions on job application.September 2019

Would like to have a different job application template for faculty that would not have the resume parsing as an option.

Updated parsing instructions on job application and requested a separate job application template for Faculty from Workday.September 2019

Would like for the page to pop up into a new tab so the employee is able to easily able to see the application instructions and also work through the application.

Updated parsing instructions on job application and created a brainstorm / recommendation in Workday Community to request this as an option.September 2019

If applicants request to update materials, HRC must upload these manually and then the search committee cannot see them.

This has been resolved and committees can now see any additional attachments that have been added.

September 2019
Applicants Can’t Save Applications (from external candidate survey)The recent Workday 33 release provides a draft application status. Job applications will be saved each time an applicant clicks Next, until they reach the “My Information Page”. Applicants can view any draft applications in the "My Applications" section on their candidate home account.September 2019
*The above items were issues/concerns that were raised from direct feedback from campus. Other Workday updates have taken place in addition to these issues and solutions. 

The UHR Team appreciates the continued feedback and suggestions from the university community, and we will continue to utilize each of Workday’s biannual releases to make the process more efficient for everyone. We encourage you to continue communicating with the ISU Workday team regarding any issues or concerns you may have so that we may address them appropriately and continue to improve the university’s hiring process.