Confidential Status Request
Lead Worker Request (Merit)
Offer Faculty Rank for P&S Staff Request (non-tenure-eligible appointment)
Position Reclassification Review Request (Merit)
Post Graduate Appointment (M-Base)
Special Assignment Request* (Merit)
Special Assignment Request (P&S)*


Address or Bank Account Changes
Duplicate Social Security Card
Employee Wage-Hour Report
International Tax
Mileage / Prescription Reimbursement
P&S Additional Compensation*
P&S Extrameritorious Performance Pay (EMPP)
Merit Pay for Exceptional Performance (PEP)
Payroll Sign-up Packet
Salary Adjustment (Faculty)
Salary Adjustment (P&S)
Payroll Enrollment (Temporary & XH) *For best results, print the document in landscape mode
Voluntary Request Percent and/or Base Change (P&S, Merit)
W-4 Federal
W-4 State (Iowa)

Hiring / Termination

Acceptable Forms of ID
AFSCME Voluntary Layoff
ASI, Inc Request Form
Employee Separation Checklist (for employees)
Employee Separation Checklist (for employing units)*
Notice of Resignation
Letter of Intent - Adjunct Appointments (Faculty)
Letter of Intent - Change Cover Sheet
Letter of Intent - Clinician, Lecturer, Senior Clinician, Senior Lecturer (Faculty)
Letter of Intent - Graduate Assistantship (Graduate Student)
Letter of Intent (P&S)
Letter of Intent (Post/Pre Doctoral Associates)
Letter of Intent - Rank Only Appointments (Faculty)
Letter of Intent - Regular Appointments (Faculty)
Letter of Intent - Research Appointment (Faculty)
Letter of Intent - Visiting Affiliate Collaborator (Faculty)
Merit Confirmation of Acceptance of Offer
Personnel Information [employment history]
Visiting Researcher Appointment (M-Base)

Performance Management

Performance Evaluation (K-Base)
Performance Evaluation (Merit)
Performance Appraisal Confirmation (Merit)
Performance Appraisal Confirmation (P&S)
Supervisory Confidential Review (Merit)
Transitional Work Plan